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Test of the Sphero BB-8 Droid

BB-8 is an electronic toy of the brand “Sphero” that takes the design and movements of the famous droid of Star Wars VII. In this episode entitled "The Force Awakens", this little ball-shaped robot rolls alongside the heroine Rey. Sphero made a very fun toy for young and old.

Sphero BB-8 on Amazon

After opening the box, you’ll find BB-8 in 2 part, the body and the head, but also its charging stand. The body of BB-8 is a big ball rather heavy for its size. Its head is a half-sphere that is magnetised and clings to the body through magnetism. To recharge the unit, there is no plug to connect to the BB-8: the base has an induction charging system. With the micro USB port, you’ll be able to connect the charging base with the BB-8 on it. It lights up and makes noises when it is plugged in.

Once turned on, the BB-8 must be paired with Bluetooth using the dedicated application. You will then have a menu with several game modes:

  • Freestyle to direct it according to your desires
  • Holographic communication for sending and reading augmented reality messages on the smartphone
  • Autonomous behavior where the BB-8 explores its environment on its own and informs you in real time of the obstacles it encounters

In the freestyle mode, many pre-recorded gestures and sounds allow to faithfully reproduce the droid as in the film. There is also a speech recognition mode so the BB-8 can react to your voice and respond to you with head movements and very fun sounds.

With this innovative high tech toy, all the fans of Star Wars will be satisfied and surely your cat too!

Price of the BB-8 on Amazon: $109