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Most Upvoted Products April 2017

We launched Amazing Hunt on April 7th and it's time to conduct the very first monthy review of the most upvoted products. During this month products from categories such as books, fancy and gadgets are the most popular. Here is the selection:

Premium Japanese Chef Knife on Amazon

Premium Japanese Chef Knife

This Japanese knife ranks first among the most upvoted products in April. Made from Japanese steel VG10, it is very resistant and despite its price, it is a good investment in your kitchen. If you are an amateur chef, you probably know that a good knife is the basis for good cooking. Thanks to this sharp and pretty knife in its case, you will soon become a famous chef!

Soundbrenner Pulse on Amazon

Soundbrenner Pulse: Wearable Metronome For Musicians

This connected watch is actually a vibrating metronome. It vibrates to the sound of the music so you can play in rhythm by feeling it in your wrist. It connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth and even has a multiplayer mode to connect up to 5 watches and synchronize to the rhythms: it's perfect if you play in a band for example. With this connected watch for musician, you will always have the rhythm in the skin!

Elon Musk by Ashlee Vance on Amazon

Elon Musk by Ashlee Vance

I personally read this book and I think it's great. It reads easily and Ashlee Vance makes a very personal portrait of Elon Musk. He repeatedly questioned him and his wife, friends and family. He describes Elon Musk as a very hard-working man with always an idea ahead: from Paypal to Space X via Tesla, you’ll know everything about the life of the man who wants to send people on Mars.

Giant World Map on Amazon

Giant World Map

We all dream to go around the world and travel far to explore new countries. With this (very) large world map (77.5 (w) x 46 (h) inches), you'll gain a superb vision of adventures that await you. To help you find your next destination, it shows the capitals and major cities of each country as well as major roads, rivers and lakes. For all travelers, this is the perfect card to have at home between 2 flights.